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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 8, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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need to know on twitter. >> that's it for us. thanks forat watching. have a fantastic weekend. "special report" is next. >> welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. >> i'm julie banderas. topping the news this hour. >> minimums of americans still dealing with swollen rivers and flooded homes after tropical storm andrea set rainfall records. we'll get you the latest records. >> brand-new information coming out about the california gunman who killed four people in a shooting rampage. we'll go live to santa monica. >> if you're having trouble finding that perfect father's day gift for dad ahead of next weekend, "consumer reports" is here with some great gift ideas. we start with growing concerns
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over bombshell revelations this week concerning the government's secret surveillance of millions of american citizens. president obama being forced to defend top secret nsa programs that monitor the phone records and the internet traffic of every single u.s. citizen. this all coming as the president wraps up a high stakes summit with his chinese counterpart, ed henry is live in palm springs, california, traveling with the president. ed, i bet the white house was hoping everybody this weekend would be focused on u.s.-china relations. >> that's right. they thought this would be a nice informal setting out here in the desert in california rather than some official state visit back in washington where everyone is in black ties for the dinner and the official dinner. this is more informal. they're at the sunnyland estate, something used since the eisenhower administration for the informal chats. you're right, one of the top items the u.s. wanted to press with the chinese counter parts was the cyber attacks in china. but it makes it awkward for the
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administration after days of revelations about u.s. surveillance programs. so the president, when he got questioned from the media here late last night, had to defend the nsa surveillance program. meanwhile, his critics say that it's not as simple as the president claims in terms of americans' privacy rights. >> we're gog have to find -- going to have to find ways to deal with this big day in ways this are consistent with our values, in ways that protect people's privacy, that insure oversight, and strike the right balance. >> he's doing the most that he could possibly do in terms of surveillance and more than what civil libertarians believe he can do. so i don't know where the balance can be found here. there seems to be nothing that is being done seriously to protect privacy. >> new information we're getting today from u.s. officials is that attorney general eric holder is expected to launch
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another criminal investigation now into a media leak, in this case, involving this sensitive, classified information about these data mining programs, phone records, e-mails, et cetera. remember the james rosen case and others have tripped up eric holder. so this will be watched closely. in the last few moments, ben rhodes told reporters here in california that the u.s. is also doing a damage assessment of just what it means for all this classified information to be getting out there in terms of the damage to the u.s. trying to stop future terrorist attacks. rick? >> you listen to the administration's response to the reports that came out, first in the u.k. guardian and then the "washington post," and they say the director of national intelligence, james clapper saying that there were a number of mistakes in those reports. but that he can't even explain what the mistakes were without disclosing more classified information. a real bind for the administration. >> that's right. because they feel hamstrung because they feel like in order
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to react to the leaks, if they start revealing more context about what exactly these programs do, that gives al-qaeda and other terror groups obviously an opportunity to get an even closer look at what is supposed to be used to deter them. on the other issue we've been talking about in terms of chinese cyber attacks and the administration's efforts whether or not it will be hampered as they've got their own issues with surveillance programs, u.s. officials insist these are separate issues because the u.s. surveillance programs are about stopping terrorists, whereas the chinese cyber attacks are about theft, about stealing u.s. intellectual property. listen to tom done lynn, the president's outgoing national security advisor. told us this moments ago. >> the president went through this in some detail with some specifics today and asked that the chinese government engage on this issue, and understand that it is -- if it's not addressed, if it continues to be this
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direct theft of property, this would be a very difficult problem in the economic relationship and an inhibitor to the relationship really reaching its full potential. >> so the administration at least in rhetoric, trying to claim that the white house is still taking a tough line against china on these cyber attacks. we'll see whether or not there is action to back up those words because this is really just the start of the conversation. we're learning today that president of china has invited president obama for a visit to china. they haven't officially accepted. but we expect that will be coming. >> to top everything off, janis dean tells me it's 101 in palm springs? >> yeah. i've got a suit jacket on. i'm going to rip it off as soon as we're done and there is a pool behind me. i'll have to jump in. >> thanks so much. let's look at why cyber security is becoming so important. cyber experts estimate that
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attacks, computer attacks and theft cost the u.s. economy as much as $400 billion per year, since 2006, attempted cyber attacks on the federal government are up 700%. and just last month, the "new york times" reporting a wave of cyber attacks targeting u.s. energy companies hoping to seize control of their operations. the source of the attacks reportedly somewhere in the middle east. new controversy in the irs targeting scandal. agency employees are blasting attempts by high level officials to pin the blame on the cincinnati office, saying irs workers and washington were closely supervising the targeting of conservative groups. molly henneberg joins us live from washington. one of those employees says it was like a, quote, nuclear strike by top irs officials. what did she mean by that? >> that irs employee, elizabeth half ache -- hofacre, said she
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was appalled that higher ups were pinning this on rogue agents in cincinnati and says she and other cincinnati agents would not have the autonomy to do something like target certain conservative groups. and shep went on to say, quote, i was infuriated because they are inaccurate and everybody that's been making those statements should know they are inaccurate. i just thought when lois lerner dropped that bombshell, oh, it was cincinnati's problem, she thought it would go away. but instead it exploded. lois lerner was the head of the tax exempt division who was in charge while the targeting was going on. she said the problem started with low level agents in cincinnati. lois lerner is now on paid administrative leave from the irs after she refused to resign. julie. >> has anyone gotten any word whether anyone has been fired in the wake of the scandal? >> no. lois lerner is on paid administrative leave. and former acting irs director steven miller was allowed to resign early.
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the investigation continues, but legal analysts say there is a reason why it's tough to fire government employees. >> thank you. i think we as a society have always felt that people who work for the government, career workers, shouldn't be subject to changing political whims. so you don't want a situation where when one party comes into power, thousands and thousands of people clear out and thousands and thousands of new people come in. >> he says it can take months and years to fire a government employee after you go through the various stages of the appeal process. julie? >> molly henneberg, thank you very much. and so where do we go from here in the irs scandal? and all the other plaguing the white house? those are some of the topics tomorrow on fox news sunday when republican senator rand paul sits down with anchor chris wallace. you can watch it right here only on fox. police say the woman charged with sending ricin-laced letters to president obama and new york city mayor michael bloomberg
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tried to frame her husband. authorities arrested 35-year-old actress shannon richardson yesterday. the f.b.i. says richardson initially claimed and called to tell them that her estranged husband, daniel, was behind the attacks. richardson later failed a polygraph test. her husband is not facing charges in the case. shannon richardson is facing ten years in prison if convicted. she is pregnant and already has five children. the remnants of tropical storm andrea now moving out of new england. the first named storm of the atlantic hurricane season, making landfall on florida on thursday and dumping pretty heavy rain all along the east coast, including here in the northeast, causing flooding in several towns. janis dean is live in the fox weather center. hey there, janis. >> hi. let's take a look at this storm, incredible rain maker from florida all the way up to the mid atlantic and the northeast where as you mentioned, we had record-setting rainfall, south florida, over a foot of rain
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from andrea. over nine, almost ten in fort lauderdale, even new york city, central park set a record not only for the day, but for the month of june added on to the previous record. let's look at the watches and warnings stretching from the panhandle of florida up towards parts of nebraska and iowa until 11:00 p.m. central time. this is the same area that we've been watching weeks upon weeks for the threat of large hail, damaging winds, even tornadoes. not going to see a tornado outbreak. but we certainly could see isolated twisters and within those severe thunderstorm watches, we could see the potential for some thunderstorm warnings, as you can see here, south of concordia, as well as south of dodge city. we'll continue to monitor that. we could see wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour and large hail. throughout the evening we'll see the threat for severe weather in the areas that you see shaded in yellow, where we see our severe thunderstorm watches fort next several hours. as we saw ed henry early on in
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palm springs, 101. we've got a heat wave going on across the southwest. current temperatures, over 100 degrees in all of these areas, except for flagstaff, very cool 89. 109 in las vegas. it's going to remain very warm throughout the weekend even into early next week. look at those temperatures. 106 in palm springs. i think we would forgive ed henry if we did his next report in the pool. what do you think? >> i would. i think -- he said he wanted to take his jacket off. i say go for it. >> put a call in. >> anything over 1200 degrees, reporters -- 100 degrees, reporters should not be required to wear a suit. >> i agree. >> thanks very much. switching gears. fox news alert out of afghanistan. three americans killed in a so-called insider attack. a man in an afghan army uniform targeting two u.s. service members and one american
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civilian. others returned fire and killed the shooter. there have been at least five insider attacks in afghanistan so far this year. antigovernment protests raging for a ninth straight day in turkey. they are criticizing what they call the government's authoritarian rule and its intervention in private lives. but today the country's prime minister rules out early elections. conner powell is in jerusalem with the latest. >> protests in turkey entered their ninth day as crowds returned to istanbul's historic square defying government orders to return home. protesters arrived early this morning with tents, blankets and food, suggesting they are in this for the long haul. the mainly young, secular and urban protesters are trying to organize large-scale rallies. but the nationwide violence that rocked turkey last weekend when police cracked down on environmentalist protesting the
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destruction of a historic park largely disappeared. turkish prime minister defended his handling of the antigovernment riots. while meeting with political supporters today, but he rejected calls to hold early elections. so far he continues to have widespread support across turkey. whether or not that continues may largely depend on how he handles the opposition in the coming weeks. julie? >> conner powell, thank you. former south african president and antiapartheid leader nelson mandela has been taken to a hospital. the 94-year-old icon is in serious but stable condition. he's been hospitalized several times in recent months because of a persistent lung infection. he was the first black leader of the country after historic all race elections back in 1994. as the senate gears up to debate immigration reform, a new challenge from the president to pass a bill by the end of the summer. what some republicans fear the informal deadline would mean for
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securing our nation's borders. >> also the critical evidence george zimmerman's defense team does not want the jury to hear at his upcoming murder trial and what it could mean if it gets thrown out. >> plus, we're gotting word the little girl in desperate need of a new lung has taken a turn for the worse. as her family opens up in an exclusive interview with fox news about the renewed debate over the rules of organ donation. >> we're asking for them to do what her doctor say is appropriate and best for her. it's like the government deciding what is best for her when they've never seen her. i started a week ago going pro with crest pro-health.
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>> rick: thanks for spending part of your saturday with us. let's go to headlines. heavy equipment operator turning himself in after a deadly building collapse in philadelphia this week. authorities say 42-year-old sean was high on marijuana when the four story building went down on wednesday. he's facing multiple charges, including six counts of involuntary manslaughter. a judge in florida trying to decide whether to allow voice recognition experts in george zimmerman's murder trial, screams on 911 calls made during the con frontation between him and trayvon martin could become
3:19 pm
a radio crucial factor. also, serena winning. the 16th grand slam title. congratulations. >> julie: the senate is set to begin debating immigration reform next week, a big week ahead. president obama says there is no reason, no reason at all, why congress cannot pass an immigration bill by the end of summer. but some republicans are moving to set a tougher tone on the issue and according to a recent fox news poll, nearly three quarters of those surveyed favor securing the border before changing the nation's immigration policies. so how is this debate going to play out in washington? president of new heights communications and ford o'connell is chairman of the pac. thank you very much for coming in to talk to us. ford, i'll start with you, great to have you both. senator marco rubio says this and i want to quote it because this is the order in which he wants all of this to happen.
3:20 pm
first comes legalization, then comes this border security measure and then comes the permanent residency process. but according to the poll you just saw, the majority actually believe that new border security should come first. can republicans agree on what should be fixed and which should go first? it seems that seems to be quite a debate right now. >> it is. it's where the democrats really want to pin us down because they want to make us look like bad guy in the hispanic community because the hispanic community is really following this very closely. look, republicans need to help pass immigration reform, but they don't need to be shamed into a bad bill and right now this is a bad bill given where it's at with border security because the border is not secure and democrats are just trying to run up the voter rolls. >> julie: the fact is this, our current immigration system is broken. the gop obviously needs to fix it, politically speaking if they want to make inroads into the hispanic community. but you say gopers aren't interested in reform at all? >> if they don't seem to be. there are two ominous signs this week for those curious whether
3:21 pm
republicans were interested in cooperating on comprehensive immigration reform. the first sign was representative labrador, latino republican, who has been a leader on this issue to his party, who was part of the working group, decided to leave negotiations. so that's pretty bad. then the second thing was that house republicans voted to oppose the president's policy on deferred deportation for the dreamers, the kids who have grown up here, raised here, educated here, and instead seem to favor a policy to send them back to chris they've never really known. >> julie, republicans are very interested in passing comprehensive immigration reform. what we're concerned about right now is border security. let me say one thing, one of the things -- >> you interrupted. >> we should actually just increase spending on the border and take the homeland security's word that the border is secure. pardon me if i don't take this administration's word when it comes to certain things,
3:22 pm
particularly benghazi and the irs. we need clear, verifiable metrics that the border is secure. lord knows the republican party needs to bring hispanics into the club because essentially by 2043, this is going to be a minority-majority nation and there is no way the republican water can win with the white vote alone. >> julie, can i answer that? >> julie: go ahead. >> yeah, the fact the border security issue is a red herring. the fact is that crime along the border has gone down. it's at historic lows. if you look at the number of deportations of those with a criminal record under obama, it's actually much higher than it was under george bush. the people that are calling for border security are calling attention to this issue because i would say they don't really want immigration reform -- >> clearly you did not listen to michael fisher. >> julie: the number of illegal immigrants in this country, that number is not going down. and if we don't toughen our borders first, aren't we putting a temporary band-aid on the problem by granting
3:23 pm
citizenshipship? isn't that the whole idea. >> we have put $18 billion into enforcement measures to tap into security -- >> (talking over each other). >> the immigration problem has not gotten any better. >> why wouldn't you tighten security? isn't that what we need to do? >> absolutely right. >> do you want to -- >> michael fisher, the head of the border patrol, says illegal immigration is up 13%. don't tell me the border is secure. i grew up along the texas-mexican borrowed. i can tell you in texas, mexico, arizona and california, the border is not secure. i am all for a pathway to citizenship so long as we secure the border. for you to sit there and try and mislead and say well, because crime is down, illegal immigration is down, that's a false positive. the democrats have been doing this forever. you're trying to shame
3:24 pm
republicans into passing a bad bill and -- >> we do not have a problem with -- they believe that they should have a pathway to citizenship. the current bill that is being discussed in the senate is a pathway to citizenship that would take 13 years. this is not some quick amnesty. >> i understand. it is a long process by which they would have to obviously pay taxes here, get a job, establish all the various markers that anybody would want them to. the people have a problem with people who are criminals. >> i understand that, kristy, border security is an issue and next week, cornyn and rubio will offer an amendment looks to get clear metrics. the reason you want that is so we don't have to visit this two decades later and say this was a bad bill. on top of it, essentially we need to move this away from the partisan realm. i don't care who sits in the white house, that border needs to be secure and i don't want either party really playing with the homeland security -- >> there is a bill right now -- >> julie: we got to go.
3:25 pm
look, we can do a whole hour on this, but we don't have that kind of time. we do appreciate both of you coming on of the fair and balanced, thank you both. >> rick: when we come back, the latest on a young girl fighting for her life, in need of a lung transplant. days after a judge steps in to cut red tape to save her life. her family talks exclusively to fox news about their ordeal. >> julie: new developments in the deadly shooting spree in california. dominic denatale is live. >> the police are saying the gunman was carrying 1300 rounds of ammunition on him at the time in what they describe as a premeditated attack. we'll have all the details after the break [ male announcer ] this is betsy. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard.
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>> rick: welcome back. we're learning new information about the victim of yesterday's
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shooting rampage in santa monica, california. the gunman murdered at least four people and wounded several others before police shot and killed him. dominic dinatale with the latest. >> short while ago, the police were showing the media am so of the weapons and ammunition and some of the tactical gear the gunman had been carrying with him as he arrived at the santa monica community college campus yesterday. it was incredible stuff. 1300 rounds of ammo he was carrying on him in a duffel bag and on his body. there was also a hand gun, .44 caliber hand gun. some of the rounds for the semiautomatic rifle that he was carrying, they were .223 calibers or 223 rounds magazine that held up to 50 rounds at one time. he dropped that when he got to the campus and the police were very concerned that he had set out to inflict major harm. >> i would presume any time someone puts on a vest of some sort, comes out with a bag full
3:31 pm
of load magazine, has an extra receiver, has a hand gun and has a semiautomatic rifle, carjacks folks, goes to a college, kills more people, and has to be neutralized, i would say that's premeditated. >> they also issued pictures of the gunman entering the college. they haven't named the gunman at this time. they say they have still yet to notify the next of kin that he was actually shot as he entered the library. one of the problems is, it is understood he may have killed his brother and his father at a house almost a mile away and that his mother is on vacation, possibly in the middle east at this time. that makes it difficult to get ahold of her. neighbors say he had a history of mental problems. one said he used to bang on the wall and howl like a dog. the police say that the suspect actually came into contact with the law back in 2006, but at the time he was a minor. so they can't exactly tell us
3:32 pm
what those circumstances are. but there appears to be a history of problems with the gunman. we also understand that there is a familial connection with the school, which is maybe why he ended up there. in 2010, one of his siblings perhaps had actually signed up for the college. that may be why he actually went there. clearly family connections clearly a troubled history. the police say the investigation is still ongoing and hope to have more detail of not expecting a press conference tonight, but probable lea an update tomorrow and a name amid all this confusion. >> rick: thank you so much. >> julie: a fox news alert on a heart breaking story that has captured the nation's attention. the little girl in philadelphia who has only perhaps a week or two to live, unless she gets a new lung transplant. >> julie: we're getting word that sarah has taken a turn for the worse and is not breathing on her own. her mother has gone on facebook
3:33 pm
to ask for prayers. they have intubated her officially. this just days after she won her right to get on a waiting list for adult lungs. >> okay. >> julie: it breaks your heart. sarah's fight for life inspiring millions of people, though, and igniting a debate and one that needs to be had over the complex guidelines of organ donation. her parents are opening up about it all in an exclusive interview with peter johnson, jr. who joins us. >> rick: thank you for joining us. i know you spent some time with the family and this news that she's now been intubated has got to be -- >> very sad. with the tape we just saw, we shot that 24 hours ago, with my daughter, and she was not feeling well at that point. they were concerned about a fever. she was alert for a while, but then she started to fade a little bit. so what they've done is a
3:34 pm
mechanical intubation, put a tube down her throat so she can breathe properly. it's a bridge for a transplant, but also a very serious and disturbing sign of someone who has a real problem breathing. >> julie: this is also, in doing an intubation, it's allowing for her body to rest. >> absolutely correct. >> julie: to hold out as long before the donor procedure. >> and a heart-lung machine, which is even the next most serious step. so this is a strong girl and a strong family and they're fighting hard. >> julie: her mother sitting at her daughter's bedside talked about the age limit and how frustrating they are. if it weren't for these age limits, perhaps she would have a donor. i want to play part of this interview right now about what she's feeling. listen. >> the biggest frustrating thing is this notion that kids -- assign an arbitrary age and
3:35 pm
somehow we're asking for an exception. what we're asking for is for her to be treated on the severity of her illness and get the treatment her doctors deem appropriate. they're the ones acting like we're asking for this special treatment and we're not. we're asking for them to do what her doctor says is appropriate and best for her. it's like the government deciding what is best for her when they've never seen her. >> julie: now that she's been put on this adult organ transplant list d it greaten her chances? >> yes. because she was basically a second class citizen before. they have a segregated list for children and another for 12 and over. and so what the family is saying is, don't give us an exception. don't move us to the top of the line. do what's fair. grade people in america based on their sickness and their ability to take an adult organ. and their doctor said, and he testified in federal court -- that's one of the reasons they won the case for the time
3:36 pm
being -- that she can accommodate an adult lung. so why not allow children who can take adult lungs to get the lungs based on this sickness? so what we have in america now are healthier adults beating sicker children to the gate to get the adult lungs and a disproportionate amount of children dying. >> rick: is this going to force lawmakers to rewrite the rules and get rid of some of these arbitrary age differentials? >> in my view, true, it's absolutely true, they'll be meeting monday to look at these rules. this, in my view, is a dark ages approach to medicine. it's a way that we devalue the lives of children in america. so what does the constitution stand for? >> julie: i want to point out for those at home that are watching to understand how grave this really is. so she's on the adult transplant list. but if somebody older than her is eligible, they get the lung. >> interesting point. at this point, based on the judge's rule not guilty
3:37 pm
philadelphia -- ruling in philadelphia, it will be based on her lung allocation score. she has one of the highest, if not the highest in the state of pennsylvania. so based on that score, she should be getting it as soon as possible. she's at the top of the list. she was at the bottom of the list because she wasn't treated as an adult. >> rick: one other point that this once again highlights the need for people to register as organ donors. if we had people actually go and register as donors, the deficit of available donor organs would make such -- >> great point. many states you can do it on your license. other states it's more complicated. you get a couple witnesses. easy to do. >> rick: you could do it on facebook. >> i'm going to be doing it myself. >> julie: go to back slash register now. our prayers are with this family. >> they are. >> rick: you can catch the interview with the family on
3:38 pm
"fox & friends" tomorrow morning. peter, thank you and thanks to your daughter. >> finest family i ever met. >> julie: a fairy tale wedding. an american marries european royalty. the latest on the must see nuptials. >> rick: and in the wake of surveillance scandals, how much privacy do we have in this country? and does it really violate the founding fathers' vision for the united states of america? >> this is a dragnet. it's an overreach and we've got to find out why this is justified simply because of the nsa wants to do data mining hoo-hoo.
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>> julie: american marries a member of the royal family in sweden. christopher o'neil from new york city and sweden's princess madeline, tying the knot. nearly 500 guests attended the ceremony at the royal chapel in stockholm. the princess is fourth in line to the throne. they later traveled in a horse drawn carriage used by the king and queen at their wedding. she looks beautiful. no word on where the couple will honeymoon. >> rick: news of nsa surveillance programs collecting massive amounts of personal phone records and communications raising new questions about how much privacy we really have. but it was a 1978 law that actually broadened the government's ability to do this. since then, federal judges heard some 34,000 warrant requests. only 11 have ever been denied. still the debate over national
3:44 pm
security versus personal privacy is front and center and it's a debate the president said yesterday that he is glad for the country to have. so let's take a closer look at both sides. susan estridge is a fox news contributor, professor of law and political science at usc. the president says you can't have 100% privacy and 100% security. is that something that americans are going to buy? >> well, i think most of us do buy it. look, over the last few years, certainly since 9-11, we've been engaged in an ongoing debate about how you draw this line, this delicate balance between national security on the one hand and individual privacy on the other. i have to say, i don't know about you, but none of this came as a big shock to me. i mean, we've been talking about data mining for years. i'm not sure what people thought was being mined out there. i'm not surprised it's been happening at all. >> rick: i think what most americans are offended by, susan, is sort of the blanket
3:45 pm
surveillance. you hear about every single verizon customer having their phone records made available to the government. instead of the targeted surveillance that people understand is needed in today's day and age, americans are offended this goes too far. >> well, but the idea is -- we ought to be clear and part of the problem here is the government can't even tell us exactly or won't even tell us exactly what they're doing because if they did, that would further compromise security. it's certainly not like somebody is sitting down and saying, hmmm, susan wrote this e-mail last week or downloaded music or whatever. the idea of data mining, is you take this huge amount of data you and look for patterns, for chatter, for words, and i think the debate that we're going to have to have is how in the world in which there is so much data and the government does have access to the data and even
3:46 pm
diane feinstein, a well-known liberal, says of course they need access. how do you put in place procedures and processes to insure that that access isn't abused? when you hear all this talk about irs scandals and the like, it's not a time when people are feeling a great deal of trust in government. i think that's the collision that we've got going on right now. >> rick: also the political aspect of this, you mentioned liberals. the president has managed to tick off his liberal base, folks, aclu folks, libertarianses who are offended, in addition to those who mistrust this president who feel obamacare and the drone program are a major government overreach. he's got everybody upset. >> sure. then you've got eric holder announcing that the attorney general now is going to investigate the leak of the information about data mining and if there is one person whose
3:47 pm
credibility is very much i would say at risk right now, it's eric holder. but i don't think we should throw away the baby with the bath water here. obviously most of us are deeply concerned about security. we want to be safe. we want our kids to be safe. and so the challenge we face in a free society and in a society in which we value our privacy is how do you protect that privacy and the numbers you used at the beginning were exactly right. everybody says we need warrants. well, you and i both know that 99.9% of the time the government gets the warrant. now, maybe it's a good idea and i would argue it is to force people to write down the reasons and make the case. but process can only get you so far. >> rick: susan, all good to talk to you. great insight. thank you for joining us. >> julie: all right. i don't need to tell you, father's day is coming up. what to get dad. what do you want, rick, a tie?
3:48 pm
>> rick: no. >> julie: "consumer reports" is on deck with the coolest gifts for the big guy, including rick. i hope his wife is watching and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there.
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and sth is a fox news alert. winning the $1 million bellmont takes. the jockey mike smith taking the win. kentucky derby winner orb coming in third. he won the 145th bellmont stakes in new york. father's day is next weekend, next sunday although i wasn't really paying attention to that. you still have time to get your dad a great gift. consumer reports has fun ideas that can help you show dad how
3:53 pm
much you care. >> carol is the associate web editor for consumer reports. we like gadgets. what have you got first online here? >> we brought some of our favorite gadgets to show you. first is the samsung galaxy note 8.0. this is currently our top rated tablet in the 7 to 8 inch size. it even beat the ipad mini. >> really? >> it's versatile and can run two apps at the same time. it comes with a sty lis. it does anything you want it to do. >> nice size. the screen looks nice. >> the screen is gorgeous and it comes with a 5 megapixel camera. >> really? >> yeah. >> it does more than the ipad. >> it does a few things more. >> i wonder if apple is worried about that. >> they might be worried. >> i want to see how heavy it is. >> ilths very portable. happy father's day rick.
3:54 pm
>> you are at the end of the line buddy. >> the next gadget is called the playstation and it's a hand held gadget mainly for playing games. you can do other stuff with it too. you can check your facebook and twitter and take pictures with it and things like that. if dad is a gamer, this is the best thing for him on the market. >> if dad has time to play games then kudos to him. rick does not have that kind of time. >> you travel though right. >> yes, we load them up in the minivan and hopefully we don't get lost. >> that's a great segway to the next gadget. this is a very youthful connected gps. it gives you real time traffic information and you can do multidestination routing with it. so it's kind of a high end recommended -- >> garmin makes great products.
3:55 pm
whether you're on your bike or car. speaking of bike. >> all right. the bike helmet then, this is not -- this is not a gadget. this doesn't do anything or does it? >> it doesn't do anything electronic but since everything else is on the pricey side, this is only $60. >> you're going to mess up that hair? thank god it's the end of the show. >> i bet he takes it off and his hair doesn't move an inch. >> this is consumer reports, top rated. it did well in the impact testing. >> $60. >> $60. >> that's not bad. so that's a little bit more reasonable and affordable for some people. >> they're always coming out with better things and newer things so this is something that is pretty stationary but having the best is always important because it's actually protecting. >> exactly. carol, always nice to see you. thank you for coming in. >> good to see you and thank you so much. >> that's going to do it for us. >> fun hanging out with you today.
3:56 pm
>> good to see you too. i hope you got something good. >> kelsey, he likes this gadget over here. >> take care everybody. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing conte and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet?
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we are on sarah watch with the latest on the 10-year-old girl battling the end stages of a lung disease. word at this hour, she has had a scare today. sarah's parents sued the federal government this week to change the rules so she could be put on the list for an adult lung transplant. usually they're reserved z for children 12 and up. that judge's move allowing 10 days for doctors to find a donor before the matter comes before a hearing. they're hoping a young becomes available before that date. later you'll hear from sarah's father in an exclusive interview. but now with a few days left,


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